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The project is based on Podgorica’s special landscaping and urban qualities. The city is fragmented, but in spite of the fact that each district appears as its own, the city shares a common relationship with the landscape. River Moraca cuts softly through the urban structure in a north-south axis. The mountains identify a distant but noticeable frame of the city. No matter where one stands in the city one is embraced by the forces of geology. Along the streets, the trees grow on several floors to offer a lush shadow landscape in the baking sun. Perhaps it’s not the paved infrastructure that is the key to a successful city, but rather a harmonious synonym between city, building and landscape. The ambition of the proposal is therefore to create a strong and robust landscape main grip that attaches Sadine to a larger urban dimension. An east-west central and urban promenade stretches beyond Sadine, which to the east merges with the park, and to the west with the landscapes.

Building type

Competition entry


Municipality of Podgorica

144 ha

Podgorica, Montenegro